The National Association of Cinema Operators-Australasia (NACO) represents its members in “whole of industry” issues that may confront them from time to time. Without limitation, licensing fees, film classification and piracy are issues that require a whole of industry response. The collapsing of windows between theatrical and video release is another issue that will be monitored closely in order to protect the significant investment made by cinema owners in the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific regions.

The Board incorporates senior executive members from both major national cinema operations as well as state-based cinema chains and independent cinemas from each state of Australia.

NACO continues to host the Australian International Movie Convention (AIMC) – the conference that takes place on Queensland’s Gold Coast each year and which attracts up to 1000 delegates from within Australia, New Zealand and abroad. The AIMC is now in its 73rd year.

NACO has an active relationship with other international cinema and theatre owner associations to facilitate best practices in, and protection of, an industry that has thrived since celluloid was first projected onto a screen in the 19th century.