Revised Classification website launched

The revised website has been improved taking into account valuable feedback from members of the public as well as industry. Some of the enhancements for industry include:

  • Broader range of information for films and computer games classified after June 2012 including a synopsis, a matrix which shows which classifiable elements the film or computer game contains and at what level (for example, language at a very mild level) as well as links to other websites with relevant information.
  • Faster, more accurate search engine for the National Classification Database allowing industry to check whether a product has been classified previously.
  • Clearer paths to the information industry needs to lodge applications for a classification and simplified language.
  • Better information on what is required from industry to comply with the National Classification Scheme
  • More inviting look and feel to the website with the contents organised by key user group – the public, industry and enforcement.
  • Availability on any internet enabled IPhone or Android mobile device.

Research has consistently shown that the Australian public values the classification system and relies on such information to make entertainment choices or to decide what is suitable for those in their care to watch or play.

Promotional flyer

A promotional flyer has been developed with a limited number of the printed DL copies available to members to use in their cinemas along with some brochure holders.

The graphic in eps and gif files is also available to download from the website

To order a limited number of the printed promotional flyer, please contact the Classification Liaison Scheme at or 02 9289 7100 or regarding the supply of the flyer graphic in other dimensions or web banner specifications.

It would be useful if members could also indicate intention to use the graphic in advertising or provide with an example.

Classification legends

The classification legend which is required to be included on print and internet advertising to include a reference to the website has been revised and is available at: