12 January 2017

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday 2 February 2017. Full details are available here…

19 December 2016

A federal judge has handed down its verdict in the country’s first site blocking case, opening the door for a major crackdown on websites hosting illegal streaming services and torrents.

The Federal Court handed down the verdict – the first of its kind – which goes a long way to clarifying the fate of illegal torrent and streaming websites such as The Pirate Bay and SolarMovie in Australia. Read more from Nick Whigham,…

27 October 2016

AIMC 2017 dates have been confirmed as Sunday-Thursday 8-12 October with the venue being Jupiters Gold Coast, Broadbeach, Queensland.

27 October 2016

Delegate numbers for AIMC 2016 topped 1,000 for the first time in it’s 71 year history which is a terrific result and credit to the organisational team involved.

Highlights included:

  • three of the seven movies shown were Australian
  • 11 distributors from major and independent studios presented their 2016/2017 slates and beyond
  • International guest presenters included Tim League – CEO/ Founder of Alamo Drafthouse; Corinne Thibaut – International Customer Director, The Coca-Cola Company; David Kornblum – VP Theatrical Sales & Distribution APAC & Russia, The Walt Disney Company; Niels Swinkels – EVP International Distribution, Universal Pictures and Eric Reed, COO of Kencast
  • Panel sessions covered social media, trends in cinema, food & beverage and finding female audience
  • Trade show exhibitors focused on the latest trends in technologies
  • Industry award recipients included Sam Neill, Sue Milliken and Anthony Buckley

24 August 2016

Australians who visit piracy websites face a far greater risk of unwittingly downloading malicious software or being exposed to scams and advertising for sex and gambling than those in many other countries.

Just 1% of the advertising on rogue websites accessed from Australia is from mainstream businesses, according to research conducted by Professor Paul Watters for New Zealand’s Massey University.

That means 99% is categorised as high-risk. Computer security experts warn that most forms of anti-virus software are ineffective because perpetrators continually devise programs to circumvent it and they are far more advanced than law enforcement’s capabilities. Read more from Don Groves, Content Cafe…

22 July 2015

The Department of Communications has released new research on the levels of online copyright infringement in Australia and why people choose to download content illegally.

The research shows Australia has high levels of online copyright infringement. TNS Australia conducted a survey for the department between 25 March and 13 April 2015. It was closely based on surveys undertaken by the United Kingdom Government, so the results of the two countries could be compared. Over 2,630 Australians aged 12 and over were interviewed.  Read more from the Department of Communications website…

The IP Awareness Foundation has welcomed the new online piracy research commissioned by the Australian Government.

Lori Flekser, Executive Director of the IP Awareness Foundation says: “The government’s study builds on what we know of Australia’s profile as a nation of voracious online pirates. The research verifies the findings of six waves of research we have conducted since 2008 which, like the Department of Communication’s research released today, consistently identifies the principal reason for downloading pirated content is because it is free.”  Read the full media release…

15 June 2015

The IP Awareness Foundation has released a new anti-piracy campaign – Thanks for Playing Your Part.

As part of a film and TV community, it aims to say to the many Australians who choose to go to the cinema, watch TV, rent or buy DVDs and Blu-rays, or access their online content via legitimate websites – thanks for playing your part. Accessing content legitimately contributes to further investment in new films and television shows, and ensures content creators are remunerated for their intellectual property.  View the latest IP Awareness Anti-Piracy Campaign…

15 February 2015

The dates have been announced for the 2015 Australian International Movie Convention as Sunday-Thursday 11-15 October.  2015 will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the AIMC hosted by NACO and its predecessor the Motion Picture Exhibitors of Queensland (Inc.). The venue will again be Jupiters Hotel & Casino, Gold Coast, Queensland.  For more information visit

11 June 2014

Following the Special General Meeting held on Tuesday 10 June 2014 the resolution to amend the existing Constitution of the Association was passed. The Board expressed thanks to Directors Leo Catalano and Greg Hughes for their contribution during their tenure.

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